Local students, residents, government officials, and business owners have been campaigning for years to bring a skatepark to the Lake George area. Finally, after nearly a decade of fundraising, awareness, and discussions – the Lake George Skate Plaza’s Phase 1 is officially done and open for use. Come check it out with your friends/family!

The center of Lake George Village

Free & open during daylight hours, the park features street oriented obstacles. Part of the Charles R. Wood Park & close to the southern end of Lake George!

Phase II

This second phase will add a bowl bisecting the longest side of the skate plaza, facing the rest of the planned park and connecting to the inside, where landscaping is shown.

We hope you are as excited as we are

Our ultimate vision is to have small regional competitions, skate board teams from local high schools competing, in addition to the individual skateboarder enjoying practicing his sport!


After years of fundraising from generous supporters like you, we were finally able to gather the funds to complete stage I of the skate park! Skaters gather from all around to enjoy the beautiful scenery and freshly poured concrete park. With stage II underway, we can start hosting competitions and events to showcase our sport!

Bank To Bank

A bank ramp is great for learning flip tricks on. Use the ramp to catch speed, or you can land on it if you jump over.


These metal flat or downward rails can be used to lock tricks or flips while gliding for the advanced skater.

Manual pads

Here you can either balance on one wheel or do tricks off of the pads.


Stairs can be used to do tricks either down or up depending on the skater’s skill level.


Over a decade of fundraising and development

The skateboard group of students formed, developed a plan to achieve their goal of getting a skate park, began planning fundraisers, and spoke with community leaders and Mayor Blais of Lake George Village.

Fundraisers included a Spaghetti Dinner, St. Patrick’s Day Dinner, selling spots for the Village Garage Sale, Fun World Party, and a Hair Cut-a-thon. The group did a survey at the high school regarding future use of a skate park and spoke with Mayor Blais, the Lake George Youth Commission and the School Board about possible locations, reasons to support a skate park in this area, etc.

Major fundraisers were a Video Tournament, Spaghetti Dinner, St. Patrick’s Day Dinner, Village Garage Sale, an Americade Raffle of free housing/food/gas and admission for 2011 Americade, & selling skate park t-shirts. A sign was put up in Shepard Park to chart the progress of money raised. A skate plaza Facebook page was set up. The skate group presented to the Town of Lake George Board and to the environmental groups involved in the park project at the former Gaslight Village site, and wrote letters in support of the Village’s application for a grant from the Charles construction companies. The skate group developed informational sheets about the skate park for meetings of various community groups, and an initial postcard for the skate park was designed gratis by black dog DESIGNS. These sheets and postcard were then handed out at all skate plaza functions.

Major Fundraisers included a Spaghetti dinner, Skate Demos, Skate Demos at the 1st Annual Sham Rock the Block Party, a Pig Roast, collection and recycling of bottles at the Lake George Recreation Center, Community Garage Sale, and a booth at Americade for donations. The skate group met with the Rotary to ask for money (who promised $1,000 to the group for the park) and the environmental groups. The skate group was asked to walk behind Bishop Hubbard for the dedication of the new Sacred Heart Church. They also presented a decorated shoe on a mini skateboard to Rachael Ray during her annual cooking fundraiser at Lake George High School. The group attended Public Hearings to make their case for the inclusion of the skate park in the former Gaslight Village site, and they were successful – the park then had a location in a perfect setting! The group spent time researching skate parks and determining the elements and flow they wanted to see in the park which would work for competitions.

Major Fundraisers included a Winter Carnival coin drop, Skate Demos at the 2nd Annual Sham Rock the Block Party and at Shepard Park throughout the summer with music donated by DJ Jelley, July 7th Coin Drop on Canada Street, and the Ondeck Lake George Exhibit (skate boards designed and donated by various artists which were displayed and auctioned on line – this raised over $2,000 for the skate park, and the art work was truly incredible!). In Spring, the skate group met with a new design company for the skate park. The company then developed a new design to be implemented in two phases – Phase I is a triangular shaped skate plaza with various elements, and Phase II will include a bowl and slight revision of one leg of the triangle. This design is to enhance the park’s use for small regional competitions, and to get the skate park built as soon as possible. An application was made to the Town of Lake George for bed tax monies, as the skate park will be a tourist draw and provide an attraction for local and tourist teens/pre-teens alike. The skate group also coordinated with a graphic designer to develop a Summer rack card which was then distributed to various hotels and restaurants in the area. This rack card listed the dates of the skate demos and the Ondeck Lake George Exhibit, as well as the proposed new design for the skate park. The skate group is also working with Jesse Tyree, of Black Dog Designs to design a website for the skate plaza, which should be online by the beginning of 2013.

Thank you to the significant and consistent contributions by the Village of Lake George, Mayor Blais and the Walter Marinelli Memorial Golf Tournament (proceeds going each year to the skate park fund), grant monies applied for by the Village of Lake George and Elan Planning, private donations in memory of Mary Alice Leary (an early and firm supporter of the skate park and the teens working for this goal), and donations by the Rotary and Stewart’s as well as other local businesses and individuals.

The fundraising for Phase I of the skate park is complete, and now the fundraising efforts are going toward Phase II.

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If you wish to sponsor the skate plaza, sponsor a bench or tree for the skate plaza area, purchase a banner to advertise your business, or show your support of this awesome new community resource, please contact us via email using the form above or Mayor Robert Blais, at 518-668-5771.

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17 West Brook Road, Lake George, NY 12845

The Lake George Skate Plaza is in the Charles R. Wood Park, next to the next to the Festival Commons in Lake George Village, conveniently located off Route 9. The venue is a short walk away from Million Dollar Beach and the always popular attractions, shops and restaurants of Canada Street and Beach Road, making it easy for you to make the most of your visit to Lake George!

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